Update on TTIP Vote


After the European Parliament postponed the vote on the Trade Committee's report on TTIP last week I have received this update from my colleague Emma McClarkin who sits on the International Trade Committee (INTA) outlining the next steps in the parliamentary process:

Dear colleagues,

I write to update you on the latest developments concerning the TTIP vote on recommendations to the European Commission, the vote for which was postponed in Strasbourg last week. It was decided at yesterday's INTA coordinators' meeting and announced by the Chairman at today's committee meeting to convene an extra-ordinary committee meeting on Monday, 29 June, to consider and vote on the amendments tabled in Plenary in accordance with rule 175 of the EP's rules of procedure. Please find the relevant rule below:

Rule 175

When more than 50 amendments and requests for a split or separate vote have been tabled to a report for consideration in Parliament, the President may, after consulting the Chair, ask the committee responsible to meet to consider those amendments and requests. Any amendment or request for a split vote or separate vote not receiving favourable votes at this stage from at least one-tenth of the members of the Committee, meaning in the case of INTA of at least 5 Members, shall not be put to the vote in the Plenary of the Parliament.

Please note that there will be no opportunity to table new amendments and therefore the amendments that were tabled for last week will be the only ones under consideration.

It was also decided to leave any decision concerning when to add TTIP to the plenary agenda to the Conference of Presidents.