MEPs call on Tunisia to decriminalise homosexuality and enforce post-revolution Constitution


Today I hosted an event with Tunisian activist Yamina Thabet in my role as Vice President of the European Parliament's LGBTIintergroup. Yamina is an inspirational figure, who despite personal threats to her safety, campaigns for equality in Tunisia.

Tunisia has made great strides in recent years, and is rightly proud that the 'Tunisian Quartet' was awarded the Noble Peace Prize just a few months ago, but there is much work left to be done.

Prosecuting individuals on the grounds of homosexuality is never acceptable, and the 2014 Tunisian constitution recognises that. It is time for the justice system to catch up.

I discussed this important issue with the Tunisian Prime Minister last year and will continue to press for the Constitution to be respected.

During the event we heard extremely distressing accounts of discrimination and I am clear that the EU must do more. I will write more on this shortly.