MEP takes part in Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate


Taking part in the Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate in the Glasgow University Union on Friday 25th September, Ian Duncan MEP argued for the UK to retain its membership of a reformed European Union. Dr Duncan, a former University debater, joint former Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, Scottish Government Minister Fiona Hyslop MSP and Lib Dem Alex Cole-Hamilton in the debate on the future of Britain's place in the United Kingdom.

Speaking after the debate, Ian Duncan MEP said:

"Whilst I am a firm believer in the benefits to our country of the EU, I strongly support the Prime Minister's strategy to negotiate reform, and I also trust the electorate to make a clear and considered choice in a referendum.

"The EU referendum is often seen as binary, yes or no, but it is clear that the journey towards reform has already begun.  The European Conservative & Reformist Group to which I belong is the only political grouping with the word "reform" in its title and it is the only group which grew in number following the last European election.

"As we have seen from the VW scandal this week, the EU often claims to be in the vanguard of regulation but it has his much work to do.  The EU's claims to have the highest of environmental safeguards, is shown to be wanting if it cannot enforce its high standards.

"However these are arguments for reform, not for tearing up our relationship with the EU.  I believe that the positives to our country from our EU membership well outweigh the negatives. It is for that reason that I support our continued membership of a reformed European Union."

Following the debate, the motion "This house believes that the UK should remain within the EU" was overwhelmingly passed by the audience.