Letter to Chair of European Fisheries Committee Regarding Brexit

Brexit will have significant implications for European fisheries.


5th September 2016

Dear Alain,

Brexit will have significant implications for European fisheries. Before the summer recess the Committee briefly touched upon some of the issues facing fishermen, the communities dependent upon the sea and all who enjoy fish and shellfish as part of a healthy diet.

Whilst the UK readies itself for the coming negotiations, I believe that the Fisheries Committee must also prepare for the negotiations. To that end I would propose that the Committee submits an oral question to the European Commission seeking clarity on the preparations being made by the Commission for the coming talks, the implications of brexit upon the upcoming legislative dossiers (notably the Technical Measures proposal), possible future access arrangements to UK waters, and the opportunities for UK fish products to be enjoyed within the EU.

Challenging times lie ahead, and I believe we will serve our respective fishing industries well if we ensure we are ready for the negotiations.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Ian Duncan MEP