Ian Duncan MEP Statement - Deal reached at the COP20 Climate Change Conference in Peru


Ian Duncan MEP, who has just returned from the COP 20 Climate Change Conference in Lima, has reacted to the deal reached on how countries should tackle climate change.

Mr Duncan commented:

‘We have a deal, but no one is happy. Despite the optimism generated by the US-China joint pledge ahead of these talks, it was not enough to bridge the deep divisions between rich and poor countries and the result is a fudge which will do little to tackle climate change. When people across the globe wake up today they will remark more upon what the agreement doesn’t contain, rather than what it does. There is little doubt that the pages currently lying shredded in a bin in Lima, will be back on the agenda next year in Paris.’

Ian Duncan attended the COP20 as a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, shadowing the negotiations and meeting with key decision makers. Details of which can be found on his blog
Ian is the Conservative MEP for Scotland and Energy Spokesman for the British Conservatives in the European Parliament.