Free Trade Agreement between the EU and USA (TTIP) - Campaigner Invite


As many of you will be aware, the European Union and the United States are in the early stages of negotiating a free-trade agreement, known as TTIP. I have been corresponding with a group, The People's NHS, who have concerns about the potential impact of TTIP on the National Health Service. 

I have invited representatives of The People's NHS to come to Brussels and meet with the key players involved. I will keep you posted on developments, and the letter to The People's NHS is below. 



Dear *****

I am sorry to report that I have had no success in opening a dialogue with Len McCluskey of the Unite Union, and I am guessing that after my recent request for you to chivvy him along (4th December), you too have had problems. 

The purpose of the original invite to Mr. McCluskey was to facilitate a dialogue between him and key officials here in the EU who are negotiating the TTIP agreement.  I had earlier sought to respond to the questions which he had posed, and which you echoed.  You will recall I directed you to the information on my website: .  I also volunteered to seek responses to any further queries or concerns that you might have, and continue to be at your disposal in this regard.

You will be aware that the negotiating position of the EU is now publicly available You will also be aware that the negotiations remain at an early stage.  I would therefore suggest that this is the perfect time to come to Brussels to put your concerns directly to the officials involved.  To that end, can I suggest that you contact my assistant Andrew Johnston ( who should be able to facilitate such a visit.

Kind regards,

Ian Duncan MEP