Duncan Slams EU for Axing Anne Glover’s Top Science post


Duncan Slams EU for Axing Anne Glover's Top Science post

Ian Duncan MEP has hit out at EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker over his decision to scrap the key role of Chief Scientific Adviser despite promising MEPs it would be kept.

The current Chief Scientific Adviser is Scotland's Professor Anne Glover. The decision comes after a group of lobbyists wrote to Mr Juncker earlier this year questioning the role’s legitimacy.

The role of the scientific adviser has been "To provide independent expert advice on any aspect of science, technology and innovation as requested by the President, (and) analysis on major policy proposals being submitted to the College."

Professor Glover has been hailed by many MEPs for providing important scientific checks and balances to environmental and food-safety legislation.

Before his presidency was confirmed last month, Mr Juncker attended a meeting of European Conservative and Reformists Group MEPs to canvass support. When questioned directly by Mr Duncan’s colleague Julie Girling, MEP for South West of England, he assured her the post would remain.

Dr Duncan has hit out at the move, claiming it a blow to the EU’s credibility and to the excellent work of Professor Glover.

Dr Duncan said:

“Anne Glover is a remarkable scientist who has dedicated herself to provision of rigorous scientific advice, facilitating credible policy decision making in the European Union. It is sad that Jean-Claude Juncker has broken his promise and caved to a small, politically motivated group.

"Professor Glover ensured that the policies and laws passed in the EU are based upon the best available science, even if it doesn’t fit in with some political agendas. Today’s announcement is a blow to her legacy, the EU’s integrity, and a blow for sound policy making.”


Ian Duncan is the Conservative MEP for Scotland

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