Conservative MEP Backs Child Rescue Alert Campaign


Sign up and help save children's lives, urges Ian Duncan MEP

A major UK initiative to help detect missing children is being backed by Scottish Conservative MEP Ian Duncan, who said it could also assist the 1 million youngsters who go missing across Europe each year.

People are being urged to sign up to Child Rescue Alert, the potentially life-saving system that circulates details via phones, apps, social media and business networks immediately police are informed of a high risk child disappearance or abduction. By doing so it increases the chances of the child being found in the vital first few hours after they go missing.

The system is managed by the National Crime Agency, the charity Missing People  and the technology company Groupcall and currently 143,000 groups and individuals in the UK are registered. The aim is to increase that to 1 million during the new campaign, which runs from Monday February 15 to the end of the month.

Ian has stated: "I am delighted to back this campaign and would encourage everyone across the Scotland to sign up. The more individuals, charities and businesses that are involved the better as the wider the network the more likely it will be that high risk missing children can be found quickly and reunited with their family.

Child Rescue Alert is part of the Europe-wide Amber Alert system which is a key element of efforts by Conservative MEPs in Brussels to tackle the issue of child abduction. Each year one million children go missing or are abducted in Europe and 76 per cent are killed within three hours of the abduction. As well as an expansion of the AMBER Alert scheme, Conservative MEPs are calling for  better cross-border co-operation and tighter checks on children's passports.

"Child rescue Alert's campaign shows Britain is leading the way in helping save children's lives," added Ian. "However, it needs support from politicians, companies and organisations, but most of all from the public. That means more of us need to get involved directly.  People can sign up themselves so that they will be one of the individuals alerted when a child is in danger and they can send on the message to their network of contacts by text and social media.

"Companies, organisations, clubs and schools can all get involved too. The more people signed up, the quicker information can get out, the more children we may save."

The new campaign is supported by Child Rescue Alert ambassadors Coral and Paul Jones, whose five-year-old daughter April was abducted and murdered by a local man while playing near her home in Machynlleth, powys, Wales, in October 2012.

Mrs Jones said: "We’re asking everyone to sign up to Child Rescue Alerts to help ensure no other parents experience the pain we feel as a result of the tragic ending to the search for our daughter April. With your help we can make sure the next time a child is taken or in danger we can bring them home safely."

* You can sign up to receive Child Rescue Alert SMS and emails at  the website:


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